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AlexBri x Her Given Hair Collab

Her Given Hair reached out to me to join their Natural Hairstyle Creator Program. With this partnership, HGH designed this unit inspired by my signature wash n’ go hair style. The AlexBri unit is a perfect match for those with 3c/4a textures. It doesn’t require you to have any leave out which makes it the ideal protective hairstyle. My signature wig is now available … Read More AlexBri x Her Given Hair Collab


Bacchanal Tour Guide! – U.S. Virgin Islands Carnival

Bacchanal Tour Guide – U.S. Virgin Islands  It’s Carnival season in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)! (my favorite time of year) Revelers from near and far will be travelling to the island of St. Thomas to commemorate the 67th annual carnival celebration! 



#YesAllWomen is a form of hash tag activism that has men and women all over the world bringing awareness to women’s rights issues. The movement condemns issues of sexist objectification, rape,intimidation and other forms of abuse. This week I am publishing a guest feature by my dearest friend, Aniska Tonge. Aniska is a 22-year-old writer for Live Inspired Magazine ( and currently holds the prestigious title … Read More #YesAllWomen