Joyce (@JoJotheCEO on IG), co-host of Talk that Talk Uncensored, is a marketer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Solsis Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand based in Baltimore, MD.
Britt (@AlexBri_ on IG), co-host of Talk that Talk Uncensored, is a Digital Creator based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Britt is working in disaster recovery and serving as an officer of an athletic nonprofit organization and council member of the Frederick Lutheran Church.

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Join Joyce and Britt for their weekly podcast as they discuss topics around social issues, current events and everything in between. These soul sisters are providing a safe space for listeners that want to gain new perspectives on life and culture and receive inspiration from change makers throughout the globe. Our goal is for you to feel connected to a greater community.

Season premiere of Talk that Talk Uncensored begins September 2.


Keep that same Energy Talk that Talk Uncensored

Join JoJo & Britt as they unwind and reflect on a wonderful first season of Talk that Talk Uncensored. Listen as they check in with each other on life since starting the podcast and answer some questions submitted by listeners. From heartfelt lessons learned, to ideas on ways to support your creative friends, this episode is filled with gems that we hope you enjoy. 
  1. Keep that same Energy
  2. Uncensored with Pressure Busspipe
  3. A Conversation with Carlmichael "Stokey" Cannady
  4. My Brother's Keeper
  5. Navigating Virtual Learning in 2020

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