After much skepticism, I have finally joined the headband wig hive 😊 Last month, in collaboration with Luv Me Hair, I received my first headband wig and instantly fell in love. After my initial experience with Luv Me Hair,  the company reached out to me to do a full review of the beginner-friendly throw on & go headband wig.

See the specifications of this wig below:

Length: 24 inches

Hair Type: 100% virgin hair

Color: Natural black (1B)

Texture: Straight 

The unit came with 5 headbands, a comb, hairpins, hair clips, wig caps, and other accessories. With the exception of hair products, such as edge control or moisturizer, the package came with everything you needed to install the unit. Additionally, communication with the vendor was consistent and reliable.

This unit is definitely beginner-friendly since it only takes a few minutes to install. The wig is lace-free and comes with a total of three combs as well as a Velcro attachment to be used to secure the unit. I did not experience any shedding with the hair and the texture is very silky. Although the wig is not very thick, I do believe that the low density makes the unit more realistic for everyday use. The headband wig is not only easy to apply but very versatile as I was able to achieve 4 different hairstyles with this unit.

As someone who works out several times a week, I find it hard to maintain a style that can withstand rigorous workouts. The headband wig gives me the option of maintaining a hairstyle that is workout-friendly while also being “ready-to-style” the next day. The headband wig also serves as a protective hairstyle for my natural hair.

Washing and styling the hair was very easy and while the unit is straight in texture it was able to hold beach curls with the use of additional heat styling tools.

Luv Me Hair is also affordable and often provides promotions and other discounts for many of their units. I would highly recommend this wig to anyone that is looking for an easy on-the-go hairstyle.

If you are interested in purchasing this unit, be sure to use my coupon code AlexB to receive a 20% discount. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to receive tips on how to install the headband wig.

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